Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Tweet Tweet Tweet

I read a lot of negative stuff about the Ten Club, and how they fail us all the time, and after reading the latest posting from Kat & Sea over at the message pit, I'm not sure whether to agree or disagree with this.

You see, normally, if i don't get tickets to my nearest show, or my Christmas/Easter/Middle -of-Summer single doesn't arrive on time, i lambast the 10C, go into a strop like a small child, and then about 3 weeks later, i come back around to the fact that 10C are only human, and so its inevitable they will cock up from time to time.

But, the question is, are they actually human?

You see, K&S have already revealed they have Dr. Dolittle-like super powers that allow them to talk to a bird of some sort (I think its a hawk, which perches on Matt's shoulder at all times he is not onstage), which seems to tease us all with tidbits about upcoming PJ-related events: On this particular occasion we have all been instructed to update our memberships by the end of the week.

So whats to say the staff at 10C don't all have super powers? For all we know, many of them are able to fly! What we want to know is, what superpowers would you bestow upon the staff at 10C to enable them to serve us better?

Onto the more important issue of what PJ related surprise is headed our way soon, and common sense rules out a tour announcement, although i think i may have it figured out...

I reckon its far too early to be thinking about getting ready to ship off Holiday singles, so thats out of the question. Slightly more plausible is the release of some vault show/07 bootlegs in time for Christmas, but thats more wishful thinking than anything else.

So this allows me to come to my prediction: This will be in preperation for an announcement of:

1) Pearl Jam headlining next years Bonnaroo Festival, and an opportunity to buy earlybird tickets


2) An Eddie solo show happening sometime in the nxt month or two, possibly with Flea & Jack Irons, to make up for cancelling the Bridge School shows.

So there you have it. Probably completely wrong, Stone probably has some new hand-knitted socks going on sale in the goods section, but we'll find out soon enough. Remember folks, you heard it here first!



Pete K said...

wow. brilliant. way to put your guesses out there in the obviousphere.

are you a direct descendant of THE Nostradamus or do you look into a crystal ball labeled "The Internet" to come up with this stuff.

boo. hiss. terrible post.

Les said...

I don't think this post was that bad.

By the way, I just got my DEEP mag.