Monday, 5 November 2007

Eddie Vedder: The Type Of Guy All Men Want To Be

Thats the word according to Sean Penn, when he introduced Saint Severson III at a small Hollywood gathering of celebs and industry types to celebrate the release of Into The Wild on Friday past.

Ed showed up to play a 6-song solo set, including the live debut of some ITW material, which is continuing to gather rave reviews in the press, and there is even talk of it being nominated for an oscar (or something like that, can't pretend I actually know).

He dedicated a song to Emile Hirsch (who plays Chris McCandless in the film), another to Stone and made some comment about how nice it was to play in front of people who aren't crazed lunatics who want to lick the sweat from his shirt or carry his children (or something like that), obviously not realising he has now alienated his bands core audience ;)

So, to summarise, Ed played a bunch of new songs, Sean Penn yet again professed to having a serious case of guy-love for EV, and everyone had fun!

Rise, Society, Far Behind, Guaranteed, Driftin', Hide Your Love Away

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