Sunday, 16 December 2007

Don't Believe In Christmas...

Cuz 10C ain't given us no Christmas single this year... yet.

While we wait for news to trickle through as to the contents of this year's X-mas vinyl, it's good to know it will be a happy Christmas in the Vedder household, as Eddie has picked up two Golden Globe nominations:

Into The Wild for Best Original Score
Guaranteed for Best Original Song

Anyway, while we all wait around for something PJ related to happen, it's time to open Santa's Sack (this may be familiar to those of you that visited The Army Reserve) and dig deep for some festive cheer!

This comes in the form of a new soundboard bootleg from PJ's performance at this year's Hurricane Festival, the last of 4 shows the band played in Germany this summer. Being a festival, it has a nice sprinkling of hits (Corduroy, Betterman, Even Flow), as well as a few fan favourites (Why Go?, Faithfull), giving a nicely rounded show, with the band very much on form (by their own confession, they had some shitty festival gigs this summer).

Download and Enjoy!

2007-06-24 Hurricane Festival, Scheessel, DEU

Main Set:
Why Go?, Save You, Severed Hand, Grievance, Dissident, Interstellar Overdrive, Corduroy, Faithfull, Green Disease, Given To Fly, Throw Your Hatred Down, Jeremy, Small Town, Even Flow, Black, Rearviewmirror
Worldwide Suicide, Betterman, Life Wasted, Blood, Baba O'Riley, Yellow Ledbetter


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Milhouse said...

Thanks brosif! This show rocks!