Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Eddie, Matt Damon To Teach 'People's History'

An unlikely pairing if ever there was one, but according to this source, Mr. Vedder is to be one of a host of celebs to contribute to a documentary miniseries based on historian-author Howard Zinn's 1980 book "A People's History of the United States". Eddie will split Music duties for the film with R&B star John Legend.

PJ fans may remember Zinn's name as he came onstage to give a speech at the two 2004 shows in Boston, as well as numerous dedications of the song Down to him; The line "You can't be neutral, on a moving train" originates from one of his books.

To be titled "The People Speak", the project will feature music and readings based on America's struggles with war, class, race and the rights of women. It has yet to be picked up by a network.

Check out Down, performed live in Beneroya Hall, Seattle, in 2003...

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