Sunday, 9 December 2007

Updates, New Boxset?

A couple of site updates, a new page, called Let My Love Open The Door, has all the latest on causes that PJ support, most of which is also available on the official site, but it can't hurt to spread the word.

Also, a new featured artist, Niko Taylor. You can now find all featured artists chronicled on your right hand side for easy access.

Also, a newsletter informing people of release dates for next year includes a new Boxset from Sony Legacy, called the Worldwide Singles Box. While the rest of us wonder what this could be, Jamilyman from the Message Pit was able to bring us this, from deep within 10C HQ...

Kat: Dammit Sea, operation singles has been leaked!

Sea: You mean....

Kat: YES! Those stalke... I mean fanatics were able to find some obscure reference to the new Singles project!

Sea: We knew this day would come. We just didn't expect it this early!

Santos: I told you guys that throwing a Green Hoodie at the men would not be enough to throw them off the trail!

Kat: You are right. I expected them to be doing their holiday shopping and not scouring the net the way only they are capable of. Hmmm... Do you think we should?!?

Santos: Do we have any other choice?

Sea: No! Now the only question is, do we put more towels up... or do we go with the Koozie???

Kat: Let's not lose ourselves here, gang. I am not ready to play the Koozie Trump Card just yet. Santos, you put up another 50 towels, I will send out a Little Birdie announcement, and Sea, you run some interference with the Deep contest.

Sea: That's perfect! That should buy us a couple more days to put together something about the aforementioned Operation Singles.

Santos: Sounds like a plan! Let's rock and roll!

Kat: Tweet Tweet...

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