Thursday, 22 November 2007

Diamonds In The Rough

I just celebrated Thanksgiving for the first time here in the UK, and as a result I'm now feeling very festive/drunk, and in the mood to give give give!

I was trying real hard to think of something to give y'all, all the while preparing myself for a trip to see a Led Zeppelin cover band tomorrow night, using the new Mothership release to give myself a quick refresher course, when as if by magic, a lightbulb flashed in my head...

So I present to you, as a Thanksgiving gift, a collection of 7 songs performed on a very special night in Chicago over two years ago.

Pearl Jam were playing an intimate show at the House Of Blues as a benefit for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, and had just come out for their second encore. Ed dedicates a performance of Given To Fly to Robert Plant, and as the song draws to an end, Plant appears onstage with his band and they perform Going To California (the song which Given To Fly ripped off), and everyone has a good laugh. PJ return to the stage and proceed to perform 4 classics with Plant; Little Sister, an Elvis cover he has performed for years, Money (That's What I Want), another favourite for Plant to cover, and two Zeppelin classics, Fool In The Rain and Thank You. The show closes with Plant on guitar for an epic Rockin' In The Free World.

Enjoy this slice of Rock N' Roll history here.


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