Monday, 5 November 2007

New Poster Book, X-mas Single At X-Mas?

10C announced that their big surprise was another book, Pearl Jam Vs. Ames Bros: 13 Years Of Concert Posters 1995-2007. It should be cool, with bits and bobs from Artists and PJ themselves, including a foreword by Jeff Ament.

You can buy it now for $50 from the goods section at 10C, or, if you happen to be a millionaire/lottery winner/bank robber, you can pay a frankly ridiculous $200 for a 'limited edition' (read: green cover, with Barry Ament's signature).

Also, 10C obviously having read my previous post in which I exposed their hidden superpowers, announced that ths years Christmas single might actually arrive by Christmas!

Coincidence? I think not!

You are elegible if you are a 10C member as of Wednesday (I think).


PS: Noos Gnimoc Geltoob!

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