Monday, 19 November 2007

States Of Love & Trust

Or perhaps that should be sites we love and trust...

If you look slightly to your right and down the page you will see we've added links to all our favourite PJ sites. Now, chances are you've already visited most of them, but just incase you haven't had the pleasure....

Myspace - This is our myspace, with some pretty pictures of the band, some music, and generally another way to meet other fans online. Come be our friend, we're lovely, honest!

Official TenClub Site - What it says on the tin. The official home of all things PJ, including the Message Pit forums.

The Sky I Scrape - The best fansite on the web. Has comprensive info on songs, concerts etc. Currently undergoing a makeover. Also, home of the other big PJ web community, Red Mosquito message boards. If you're into trading, or want to escape the endless bickering about 10C's shortcomings on the Message Pit, head there now.

Two Feet Thick - In-depth fanzine that features everything from interviews with people like Danny Clinch to articles about the history of the 10C, going back to when it was the Vitalogy Health Club. Home of the legendary Concert Chronology.

More Than Ten - This site seeks to explore in detail every song in the Pearl Jam canon, from album tracks to b-sides to unreleased originals. An absolute must-read.

Pearl Jam Live - PJLive specialises in streaming bootlegs from 1990 through to present day, including all official boots. Great for if you're at work, or if you don't have the storage space for all these shows on your computer. It also works well as a way to guage the sound quality of earlier shows before downloading them at sites like Shut Your Mouth!

Given To Cast - Home to Mario's podcast dedicated to all things Pearl Jam. Includes news, rare tracks, competitions, interviews and more.

By the way, if anyone has listened to my interview on the podcast from the days of The Army Reserve, I'd like to take this opportunity to assure people that I don't sound like a nasally twelve year old girl in person ;D

Mario does great work, go check it out!

In The Present Tense - A new bootlegs site, along with ourselves, specialising in FLAC downloads, especially official bootlegs.

Peace Love Pearl Jam - This site has one purpose, to allow fans to leave a message of thanks for PJ for any reason you wish.

Teenage Made - Has a few bootlegs, some excellent photos from through the years, and other rare stuff you may well want to check out.

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